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The Secret Life of Emotions

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A personal growth class offered through Portland Community College

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Register by calling Portland Community College at 971-722-8888, Option 2

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  • What's the fastest way to get over a breakup?
  • How do you cultivate emotions like gratitude?
  • What makes bad feelings stick around longer than good ones?

The Gift of Emotion

Without feelings, we wouldn't be human.

We'd never feel happy, loving or grateful. But on the other hand ... some emotions cause us pain.

Knowing how feelings work can help us enjoy the good while minimizing the negative impact of the bad.

When we understand how to work with, instead of against, our own emotions, we gain a sense of peace, confidence, and self-control.

Offered through PCC, this class is an extension of the free 1-hour Emotions 101 class. It explores in greater depth how our emotions open us to our highest potential at work, in relationships and in life.

You can see the course syllabus on my PCC web page.

You must pre-register through PCC to attend this class.

Course Information At a Glance

Course name: The Secret Life of Emotions


Dates: N/A


Location: CLIMB (Inner SE Portland)



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