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Upcoming Events

September & October: Multnomah County Library hosts Constructive Wallowing presentations (multiple dates & locations)

Inhabit Yourself

You're smart and successful, but you're not living up to your considerable potential.

You want more confidence, less frustration or disappointment.
You want to be able to trust. Not just others, but yourself. You want to be your best self.

Career, Relationship and Personal Counseling Combined

We humans are complex, and so is this project called "life."

Career difficulties can have an impact on relationships and vice versa. Both of these affect how we feel about ourselves ... which affects our performance at work ... and so on and so on, around it goes.

That's why I created a 360-degree program of self-help, classes and counseling to address the three major areas of personal development:

Self, Work and Relationships

Attention to any one area leads to improvements in all three. Everything's connected.

That's why I address all three areas using different modalities but the same set of core principles.

I want to be your one-stop shop for personal development. I'd like to help you feel better and achieve more by getting out of your head and into your heart.

Since everyone is different, you can create your own combination of self-help,classes and/or counseling to meet your unique needs.

Look for descriptions of the following resources throughout this site:

Resources for career, relationships and personal growth

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I accept bitcoin for all my services!

I value diversity. People with disabilities, of any ethnicity, race, religious or spiritual beliefs, gender identity, or sexual orientation, are warmly welcomed in my practice.
I accept Bitcoin.
(Licensed Professional Counselor)


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